FREE O2 Touch Training Sessions

Training Sessions Open to all players and teams!
These Sessions will be held at various locations around London. All are welcome to attend. whether you are male or female. These sessions are for players that have never played O2 Touch Rugby before, a beginner learning the game or if you want to improve your team’s performances in this year’s O2 Touch leagues.
Upcoming O2 Touch Training Sessions: Dates, times and locations of the next pitch up and play sessions will be released shortly. Please do come back and check to see when these sessions will take place.

We encourage all players to attend these sessions before the Spring season kicks off. Feel free to bring along friends or even your whole team. Come along and enjoy a fun session that will take you through the basics of touch and finish off with a social game at the end to put into practice what you have just learnt. Anyone from anywhere can come to these sessions I.e. Playing at Richmond can come to Wandsworth Common and vice versa.

Each coaching session will have an experienced player/coach to guide you through the basics and answer any questions you may have. There will be some drills, briefing on the Rules of Touch Rugby and then we will play a game so you can implement everything you have learnt.

Alternatively, if you have are not registered with a team or as an individual. Please do so now and you will receive all the latest information about the sessions, leagues and social tournaments.


Whether it's about rediscovering sport or honing your fitness, O2 Touch is a fun and friendly environment for both men and women of all abilities to get involved in touch rugby.

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