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Level 1 Referees Course in London

These Level 1 courses provide a valuable insight into the game for players, improves their understanding of the rules and can thus improve their overall game as a player once the course is completed. We are running these courses to improve the quality of current refs and increase the number of qualified refs at all O2 Touch London leagues.

To provide the dates you are available for the O2Touch Level 1 Official Referee Course  – CLICK HERE

Most of the O2 Touch leagues are run over spring/summer (April through to August), on weekday evenings. Although we do currently have late winter and weekend leagues taking place. All O2Touch leagues run for just over two hours, with three or four games being played at the various venues. Games times are from 19:00 – 21:00 except at Regents Park which starts at 18:20 – 21:00. Referees can commit to refereeing all games on a night or players can offer their services at a time they are not playing on the evening their team is playing. 

There are payments for the Referees per game and we use a tiered payment structure for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and above. 

Bonuses available to Refs: 

Should you ref on a specific night and commit to reffing on that night for the full 8 week league (meaning: all games reffed on that evening) You will get a £50 bonus added at the end of the season for your commitment as a referee. I.E. You would need to ref every Monday for 8 weeks and ref all the games on that night, then you will get the once off £50 bonus. If you commit to more than 1 night you will get £50 per night you commit to.

Venue Managers - Get paid per night they manage:

However, all Venue Managers must have a Level 1 Referee Course plus at least 1 full season of reffing experience.

IMPORTANT: As these are Official England Touch Referee Courses there is a fee of £20 per person that attends. You will be reimbursed the £20 spent to attend the course, should you commit to reffing on a specific night and commit to that night for the Spring or Summer season (similar to the Ref Bonus above).

If you have any questions about payments, etc. or just want to find out more, please feel free to contact me on