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In 2 Touch Launches in Dundee

I am delighted to announce that In 2 Touch are teaming up with Dundee Eagles and The High School of Dundee to run Summer Touch leagues at Mayfield Sports Centre, home of The High School of Dundee.

This is a great opportunity to develop the sterling work that Dundee Eagles DO, Kenny Christie, has created over the past 7 years.  We at In 2 Touch aim to promote the leagues and to increase playing numbers while improving the standard of ability and refereeing with 'Coaching Corners' and Ref development sessions throughout the league.

We are very happy with the pitch layout at Mayfield Sports Centre with 4 touch fields and excellent changing facilities and the rugby club bar to ensure we promote the social atmosphere of the leagues.  The location is ideal and the quality of the fields is great and this should be an exciting summer of touch in Dundee.

There will be 2 divisions, beginners and experienced.  Once you have registered I will contact you for your preference of division and using Kenny's assistiance we will put the teams into the correct divisions.  If you are new or are unsure what division you should play we will put you in a division but reserve the right to move you up or down to ensure you are getting competitive games each week.

Team entry is completed online using the In 2 Touch website - www.in2touch.com/uk - to ensure a quick registration and payment process.  The sophisticated software that we use ensures you will have very little responsibilities once the team has been registered.  Each week your team will receive 2 emails informing you of your next fixture, game time and opponents and the email will ask you if you are available or not for the game.  This one click system sends the information to the captain and I also have access to this information.  If, one week, you are struggling for numbers I will be able to get a ringer to play in your team to boost the numbers to ensure your game will go ahead.  Ringers are individual entries that are unable to commit to the full league or do not have a team to play for.  This ensures we do not cancel games and gain the full social and competitive element we are all looking for during the league.

League details:

  • Dates - Monday 21st May -Monday 9th July (8 weeks)
  • Times - 6.30pm - 9pm (30min time slots)
  • Games - 2 games per league night giving 60mins of touch per team
  • Cost - £275 per team - this includes: 12 numbered and branded playing tops, 1 branded ball which equates to less than £1.50 per player per game which is a great deal
  • Teams of 12 players, ideally 6 males and 6 females

If you have any questions or require assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch on iain@in2touch.com or 0782 433 2424.