Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions (T's & C's)

Start Times: Please see relevant Venue/ Club for details. The Venue Manager from time to time may alter game times due to light conditions or other circumstances. 

Games - You will normally play 1x 40 minute game each evening (time slots can rotate on a weekly basis). Games will be 2 halves with a straight turn-around. (Please consult your venue for more specific information in this regard)

Prior to game start: Teams must register with the venue manager 5 minutes prior to your first game. Teams that have not registered or contacted the venue manager or appointed official, 5 minutes prior to the start of their first game for the evening(s), may be scratched from their game and substituted with another team. The team that is present for the round will record a 5 - 0 win (4 points), the scratched team will record a forfeit (0 points). Should your team not be able to make an evenings scheduled game for whatever reason you will unfortunately forfeit that game, which will not be replayed. Players must be gathered on the halfway line of the field 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of the game, ready to take the field as instructed by the attending referee.

Starting of games: Games will be started on time, with the winner of a coin-toss/ whistle-in-hand being able to decide which direction to play and to have possession of the ball.

Scoring and game points: A touchdown will be scored by a player grounding the ball on or over the opposite teams score line. Touchdowns: male = 1 pt, female = 1 pt. Win = 4pts, draw = 2pts, loss = 1pt, bye = 1pt, forfeit = 0pts.

Finals day: Depending on the Venue, Finals day will be either on the normal evening that you play or on a weekend. This information will be confirmed by the 3rd week of the relevant league.

Team Lists: You are required to submit a Team List prior to playing your first game by inputting all of your team members names, e-mail addresses and a contact number, preferably a mobile number into the In 2 Touch Sports Management System. It is the Captain's responsibility to ensure that only members on the Team List who have accepted the relevant terms and conditions take the field of play for official games. The Venue Manager reserves the right to make checks on any/all Team Lists.

Team members: On field teams consist of 6 players (teams consist of minimum 6 players, maximum 14 players). Teams can consist of up to 14 players (no more than 14 players down on any one night).  Team members must have played at least


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