Coronavirus: Important update for all teams & players

With a number of questions coming in from teams and players about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to address the issue as it is in no doubt on people's minds.

We are monitoring the situation and will be following any advice given by England Rugby (RFU) and more importantly, the UK government, regarding holding events. Currently the advice is to continue as normal, but obviously this may change as the situation develops in which case we will get in touch with all teams with any updates.

Given this, all O2 Touch leagues and games will go ahead as planned, this includes the current winter leagues, early-spring, spring and summer leagues.

For all upcoming games, please continue to follow advice given by the government regarding hygiene. We do however advise all players on game day/night to:
1- Wash your hands before and after a match.
2- Avoid shaking hands with another player or official before, during and after a game. An elbow or foot tap can be used instead.
3- When celebrating a try or victory, avoid any high-fives or unnecessary contact with your teammates.

Important: The NHS have details on their website. The main points we’d like you and your teams to take note of are:
1- If you have symptoms of fever and or respiratory infection (any new cough, runny nose, breathlessness, sore throat, wheeze) then please do not attend your scheduled game and seek advice by calling 111.
2- If you attend a known affected institution e.g.: university, college, school, workplace, or community group; please seek advice by calling 111 before attending your game.
3- If you do not have symptoms but meet any of the following, please do not attend your game and seek advice by calling 111:

* Recently (last month) travelled overseas to an area/country affected by coronavirus.
* Had contact with a known or suspected individual case of coronavirus.

League fees:
• If a league is completely cancelled prior to its start date, due to government health authorities’ regulations, then teams can transfer their paid monies to a future league or can request a refund.
• If the league starts, but then needs to be cancelled prior to its completion, a partial pro-rata refund would be made. 

It’s important to us that all teams and players are looked after and so we will provide updates as the situation changes.

In the meantime, do get your team entered into the coming Early-Spring, Spring and Summer seasons. We look forward to seeing you out on the pitch, enjoying your weekly game of O2 Touch.


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