Referee Testimonial

A past player, a very good friend of the Touch family and one of most experainced ref's in Engalnd.

"I became a ref when one of the In2Touch refs at Clapham Common got tired of me questioning his decisions, handed me the whistle and told me to take over if I thought I knew so much. I later found out he was England Touch Director of Referees! We had a laugh about it at the time but I did start reffing after that and 15 years later am still going. At first I did it mainly for fitness during the summer months – it was like being paid to go to the gym! But I soon realised how enjoyable and rewarding it is, particularly once you get through the inevitable initial difficulties.

After a back injury meant I could no longer play touch (or my main sport of hockey) I began to focus more on reffing. I started taking it a bit more seriously, attending regional touch events, progressing through my badges and eventually reffing international events like Euros and the World Cup. But I never stopped reffing for In2Touch at Clapham Common as I enjoyed the social aspect, especially having a few cold ones in the bar afterwards! In2touch look after you very well and it’s great to get to know the other refs, players and venue managers.

If you’re thinking about becoming a ref, I say go for it! I’ve loved every minute of it and am hoping there are plenty of years left in me yet."

- Gareth Hinds (In2Touch, SETA & England Touch Referee)


Whether it's about rediscovering sport or honing your fitness, O2 Touch is a fun and friendly environment for both men and women of all abilities to get involved in touch rugby.

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