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Become a Touch Referee (training provided and courses offered)

Women and men are all welcome to join our social and constantly growing group of beginner and experienced referees.

Whether your goal is to become a venue manager, improve your understanding and knowledge of the game or is to earn money, we are here to help you along your journey as an O2 Touch referee.

Regardless of age, ability or affiliation, referees are an important part of the game and we would encourage current, past and even RFL/RFU referees to begin ref’ing at their local O2 Touch league.

Benefits of becoming a Referee
Keep Fit
Meet people & have some fun
Stay sharp/decisive
Ref around your weekly game, making the most of your time
Become more involved in a sport you enjoy
Earn Money
Opportunities to ref at larger events and national/international tournaments
Social outings
Challenge yourself to something new
Improve your understanding of how the game is played from a different perspective

How you can begin your journey as a Referee
Attended a free Intro to Refereeing Day
Shadow one of our current referees for a game or two
Ref one of the many lower grade social games
Attend an official Referee Course

What it takes to be a Referee
Have a good understanding of the game and the rules 
Able to make quick decisions
Engage with all teams/players to make it enjoyable for them as it is for you
Confidence comes as you ref more and more games, in no time it will become second nature

Additional info
Leagues are currently run throughout London, with the majority of leagues taking place over spring and summer
O2 Touch is played on a pitch half the size of a normal rugby pitch
Games are run year-round with leagues taking place in all four seasons
Running mainly on weekday evenings, generally from 6:20 pm or later, with some weekend leagues.
Games are 40-minute long and you can normally ref 2-4 games on a night in a row or ref around your weekly game
Our leagues are similar to 5-a-side football i.e. each league takes place on a certain day of the week with all games being played at that venue. Players and teams sign up for the whole season and each team plays one game per week.

We understand that refereeing is not for everyone, but we do believe that everyone has the ability to ref.

The best way to get you involved will depend on where you live and your level of experience, but this would normally be through a Free Intro to Touch Refereeing Day, or sometimes at a league by doing a social game or some shadowing another ref.

Get in Touch with Rose at london@in2touch.com or calling the office on 02084520827.


Whether it's about rediscovering sport or honing your fitness, O2 Touch is a fun and friendly environment for both men and women of all abilities to get involved in touch rugby.

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