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Maidenhead O2Touch Autumn League OPEN!

Finally - get ready for the start of the Maidenhead O2 Touch Autumn League at Maidenhead Rugby Club - starting on Wednesday 7th September and running for 8 weeks! All games are refereed and 40 minutes in duration. We will be enacting our COVID-19 safe protocols at all of our Leagues.


Team fees are £340 for the 8 week league (extra £60 if your team requires a set of 12 playing shirts). Please note that your team's place is not secure unless your team has been registered on www.in2touch.com and the £50 deposit or full team payment has been paid.


Individual registrations are also welcome and we will find you a team to play in! Individual player fees are £35 for 8 weeks of games including your o2touch playing shirt.


Whether it's about rediscovering sport or honing your fitness, O2 Touch is a fun and friendly environment for both men and women of all abilities to get involved in touch rugby.

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