Active Touch - A Quick Explainer

Active Touch combines elements from a range of different sport - including Netball, Basketball, Rugby League and Touch - into a fast paced indoor game.

It is ideal for all abilities; enhancing fitness, teamwork skills and hand eye coordination in a friendly, social environment. Thanks to its very simple set of rules, Active Touch is an indoor sport that also encourages speed, creativity and enjoyment.

If you play in our spring or summer leagues, and are looking for a way to stay in shape out of season, while avoiding the dreaded treadmill, this is the perfect outlet to stay Active without resorting to the usual drudgery!


Up to 10 players per side with 4 players playing at any one time

30min games - no half time

You can pass in any direction

Scoring zone only activated after 2 completed passes - no player is allowed in the score area before this

3 touches per attacking set

When touched in possession, tap the ball on the ground and pass to a teammate

Drop ball = Turnover

Rolling subs

Defence must be back 2m from any touch or penalty

Defence knockdown = Attack ball, scorezone active and back to zero touches

Here's a short clip of the game in action!



Whether it's about rediscovering sport or honing your fitness, O2 Touch is a fun and friendly environment for both men and women of all abilities to get involved in touch rugby.

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