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Franchise Opportunities

So you want to start a Touch League?

You have an existing competition and league but need your own website, payment portal and computer program?

You come from Australia, New Zealand or South Africa and you reckon there is potential to start a Touch Rugby league in a country / city near you?

You are a Rugby Club looking to increase activity at your club during the summer?

You are a Youth Development officer charged with getting new people to play the Oval ball code?

You play Touch socially in a medium sized city and you want to see Touch Rugby being played near you?

What are your options?

Talk about it and talk about it

"Most touch players have thought how much better they could manage a league. You can either talk about it like everyone else, or you can take the next step and talk to someone!

Do it yourself

A smoothly run touch competition looks like the easiest thing to achieve. Depending on who you are, you could probably pull it off too!. Going it alone is a definitely an option for you, especially if if you are well connected and have some experience in Refereeing and playing touch rugby! There are however many shortcuts, good practice policies and time-saving to be achieved if you aligned yourself with people who have been there and done that!

Spend a fortune needlessly

You could join another operation and pay upwards of £5000 just to start a league.

Pick up the phone and speak to In 2 Touch?

Starting a Touch Rugby league is not like buying a normal franchise, where you fill in forms, read an operations and procedures manual and follow the steps to financial freedom.

You need to speak to an organisation that knows “touch rugby�? better than anyone in Europe and South Africa, a business that’s “been there and done that�? in every sphere of touch rugby promotion.

In 2 Touch boasts a fantastic development record, starting new ventures in Hot Spots like London, Edinburgh, Auckland, Johannesburg, Cape Town, as well as more remote areas such as Bath, Warrick and Trafford

Call Mike Abromowitz on 07905976935 or email him at