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Where can I play touch?

You can now play touch in many different locations around the UK.

How long is the season?

There are 4 Seasons where you will have 8 games scheduled. In London, Season One (Winter) in 2013 will be played in Putney/Wandsworth on Sundays from 12th February. Season Two (Spring) will start from 29th April 2013 at 7 London venues and Season Two (Summer) starts from 27th June 2013, also at 7 London venues. Season 4 (Autumn) will start in September 2013 and be run on Sunday afternoons. For specific details about each league start date, as well as any other venues, please see the relevant venue page.

Do we play every night of the week?

No – you would choose which night suits you/and or your team best and play. Please note Autumn and Winter seasons are usually played on Sunday afternoons, or early evenings mid week. You do of course have the choice of entering another team on a different night and play more than once a week over the Spring and Summer seasons.

Does each venue play on every night of the week?

No. Some venues like Regents Park play every evening from Mondays through Thursdays while Surrey Quays only plays on a Tuesday and Wednesday night. The Manchester league is usually on a Wednesday night and Reading on a Monday night. You can see all the information under the relevant venue page by clicking on League Details in the box next to the picture/icon of the League Manager.

How do I register my team?

Once registrations are open, click on the REGISTER HERE button which is on the top right hand side of the website and follow the instructions through. If you are already registered in our system (i.e. you have entered a team in a previous season) then log into the system with your existing username and password. If you can't remember your log-in details simply email us and we'll re-set that for you.

How many people in a team?

You can have up to 14 players in your squad, and it is 6-aside on the field at any one time. If you are playing in a mixed team then you must have 2 ladies on the pitch at all times. The Elite Mixed League ratio for the London Super League is 3/3.

Can I register as an individual player?

Yes – you can register your details for any night and/or any venue that you wish. If we are putting an individual team together for that particular venue then we would contact you to check your availability. If we were to find you a team to play in then the costs would be in the region of £50 per player, per season for the London leagues. We may not be putting an individual team together at the venue that you wanted so you may want to also register as a ‘ringer’ – this would notify any team looking for an additional player on any night of your availability.

How much is it to enter?

In 2 Touch prides itself on offering the best value for money overall teams sports offering in London and the UK. Registration costs vary across all In 2 Touch venues, so please click on 'League Information' on the right hand side of the venue page you are interested in for more information.

Does my registration fee include playing shirts?

In the 2013 SPRING leagues in London your team is entitled to a free set of 12 shirts to play your games in. Your registration fees cover the cost of venue hire, Sports Management System, Venue officials, Referees, Equipment, Affiliation fees, Insurances amongst other costs and do not include paying for any team shirts which you may receive. Additional shirts can be purchased at £10 per shirt by contacting the In 2 Touch Office. For details about shirts for venues outside of London, please contact the relevant person on the Contact Us page.

How do League Divisions work and how many teams play in them?

Teams that play in our Touch Leagues will most likely play in a 'grading' match in the first week and then be placed in the grade suited to their skill, fitness levels, age etc. Teams are then placed in an appropriate league with between 3 to 7 other teams depending on the league size. Teams will either play each other once or on a double round basis to determine positions for the knock out stages.

If I cancel my registration can I get my deposit back?

Yes – if you cancel before the season starts, and we haven’t turned other teams away due to that particular league night being full already, then we will refund your deposit (or full amount if that’s what was paid). If the season has started or we have turned teams away due to the league being full then unfortunately we are unable to make a refund of any monies unless we are able to find a team to replace you in the league.

How do I make payment?

Once you have followed the instructions through and registered your team, the website will take you directly to the payment site – here you now have the option of paying the deposit or full amount. Please note that no place is guaranteed unless either the deposit or full amount is paid. If you are signing back in to pay the balance on your account, click on 'My Statement' on the left hand side of your profile.

Is there a penalty for not having team shirts?

Yes – if your team is not wearing team shirts after the 2nd week then we may at our discretion deduct any points scored in the following weeks of play until a uniform is supplied. Teams not in the full uniforms will not be eligible to play in a semi final, or final match.

Are there any hidden costs?

None whatsoever.

When do registrations open?

Registrations for the 2013 London Spring and Summer leagues are now OPEN. Please see the relevant venue pages for leagues outside of London. Simply follow the link Enter a Team or as an Individual or if you are a current member log on with your existing username and password.

What sort of shoes do we wear?

You can wear specialised touch shoes (with plastic cleats) or trainers. Please note NO screw-ins or metal studs are allowed – referees WILL be checking this. Players are also not allowed to play in bare feet.

How long are the games and what time do we play?

At almost all venues games are 40mins long – 2 x 20min halves. Games will always start on time with the venue manager sounding the horn at the (usual) start times of 7.00pm, 7.40pm and 8.20pm. (Surrey Quays starts at 18h30 and Regents Park start at 18h20). Referees will allow 5 minutes before calling a default at their discretion if you are late for your game.

What happens in London at the beginning of Spring Season and the end of Summer Season when there is less daylight?

Games WILL start 20 minutes earlier at the start of Spring Season and potentially at the end of Summer Season – at 6.40pm, 7.20pm and 8pm. You will be notified by e-mail through the In 2 Touch Team Management System at least 2 weeks before the specific game, if this is the case. Game times at Surrey Quays and Regents Park will not be affected by any earlier game times and will remain at the same time for both Spring and Summer seasons.

What happens if we can’t play one evening due to other commitments?

Hopefully you have chosen a night where you have no other commitments for the season, but if your team is unable to play then you MUST contact the London office on so that we can let your opposition know by 12h00 on the day prior to your fixture.

Do I have to put all team members’ details into my team registration when I register?

YES - all team members details are required for indemnity purposes. Also , team members will be able to receive news and information from us and more importantly weekly game times – see below. You will also be able to email your team from the In 2 Touch system if you have their details registered.

How do I know what time my team is playing each week?

Our system will send an email to each team member registered to let them know what time they are playing. This email will be received the last working day before the game and then the again the next week for the following game. The email will ask for the players' availability - they can choose 'Available' or 'Unavailable' which will send an automatic email through to the team organiser so they know at the touch of a button who is playing each week. Fixtures, results and standings are also available on the In 2 Touch website under the venue page.

Does each venue have mixed and men’s competitions?

There will be mixed and men’s open and social leagues at each venue. We also host elite touch at Putney/Wandsworth on Thursday nights.

Is there a women’s only competition?

We plan to run a women's only competition every Spring and Summer season, but this is solely dependant on interest.If you have a ladies team that are interested in playing at any of our venues please email There is a ladies only competition at our Elite league in Putney/Wandsworth on a Thursday night, social competition on Wednesdays at Clapham/Wandsworth and Mondays at Regents Park.

If I haven’t played before am I able to come down and just watch?

Of course! Feel free to come down to any of our venues and check out how the game is played. You can ask around for the venue manager (usually easily spotted wearing In 2 Touch gear and carrying a clip board) and they will be able to show you around.

Do you only play over the summer months?

No – touch in the UK is nearly all year around now. When the summer season finishes at the end of August we head into an 8 week Autumn season and we also have an exciting new sport played indoors called Active Touch - we will then have a bit of a break before heading into a Winter season in Feb 2014 so you can be sure to get your touch fix throughout the year.

How far can I go with Touch?

The World Cup took place in Edinburgh in January 2011 with England claiming an amazing 3rd place, indicating that with talent and enough dedication, you can represent your Country. The European Championships took place in Italy in September 2012 with a record number of teams taking part. Plans are now in place for the Home Nations Championships in 2014 which is taking place in Ireland. Keep a look out on the England Touch Association web page over the next few months to see when selections will be held for the upcoming 2014 England Squads.